Corruption Of Tradspool

David T. Ashley dtashley at
Fri Sep 20 07:38:54 UTC 2002


Due to a power failure, I corrupted my tradspools.  I tried various ways of
repair mentioned on the web, using makedbz and one other program (forgot the
name).  Nothing worked.  I still get errors related to INN throttled and all

I could wipe out the database and spools and start over.  That is a 100%
reliable way.  But here are my questions:

a)What should I do (in general) to repair a corrupted tradspool arrangement?

b)Is there any documentation that explains the database formats?  I don't
know the relationship between the articles in the tradspool, the database
files in ~news/db, and the overview.

I believe my article files are intact.  I just need to rebuild the other

Thanks, Dave.

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