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I'm no authority, but RPM's usually USUALLY complain about something if it
doesn't work correctly.  Give this a try and see if you can spot the

rpm -ivv inn...    where the 'vv' part puts lots of infomation on the

If there already is an inn..rpm loaded  ( rpm -q inn ) you can then use:
rpm -Uvv to replace it.

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> I read the INSTALL, thanks.
> I've done a make and make install on other programs before, but this was
> rpm so all I did was rpm -i inn-2... for my rpm, and of course it just
> drops you to the next line when it's done.  I thought rpms "just install"
> everything and you're good to go.
> No inn* services are running on my machine even after a reboot or two.
> Where do I run the make and make install and all that from?  I have no
> where it put this stuff, and all the FAQ and HOWTOs I find refer to things
> that don't exist on my RHL 7.2 box or are ancient and refer to things like
> Linux 2.x.
> Don't shoot the messenger,
> Rick Reed
> rreed at budgetext.com

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