502: You have no permission to talk

Dave Williams dave at clues.com
Mon Aug 4 14:37:44 UTC 2003

"Pavel V. Knyazev" <pasha at surnet.ru> wrote:
> > Note:
> > Aug  4 08:37:12 marcos innd: SERVER bad_newsfeeds no feeding sites
> > means taht you have an error in your etc/newsfeeds file.
> That means newsfeeds has no configured outgoing feeds.
> Of course, that could be a result of misconfiguration.
> Just for a clarification. Nothing common with the topic.

The obvious thing would seem to be to ask whether the original poster
used 'make install' rather than 'make update' when upgrading - since
it rather sounds as though the contents of newsfeeds and readers.conf
have both gone...

Dave Williams
dave at clues.com

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