duplication of messages via mail gateway

Erik Klavon erik at eriq.org
Mon Aug 4 19:03:11 UTC 2003


I've confirmed complaints from a user about duplicate messages sent to
a mailing list which is bidirectionally gatewayed to a local
newsgroup. The duplicates only appear on the mailing list (they are
prevented on the newsgroup by mailpost's checking of the message
id). When someone posts to the mailing list, the message is processed
by mailpost and then posted to the local group. This then results in
news2mail sending the message back to the mailing list. In an attempt
to solve this problem, I decided to use distributions. Each message
posted via mailpost is given a particular distribution:

ucb-example: "|/usr/local/news/bin/mailpost -d ucb ucb.exmaple"

Newsfeeds entries have been modified to not feed messages in the 'ucb'

temp-example at agate.berkeley.edu:!*,ucb.example/!ucb:Tm:n2m

After reloading the newsfeeds file, this modification still generates
a duplicate! I've verified that the article posted via mailpost has a
distribution header with a value of 'ucb'. I think I've read the man
pages right and am not sure where I've gone wrong. (I'm using a
cvsuped version of 2.3.4).

(I've fixed this problem another way by hacking mailpost to munge the
path of the message, and then filtering out that path in
newsfeeds as shown above. I'd rather not have to make this
modification to mailpost, so I'd like to find out if this same effect
may be achieved via distributions.)



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