Appologies and one question

Boryan Yotov yotov at
Tue Aug 5 21:54:01 UTC 2003

Hello all,

Sorry for the double reply to "Readers.conf and auth access"
but I've sent a mail reply to this mail half an hour ago and it
was rejected from the rbl based mail filter on the inn mailing
Actually the IP address which I'm sending from is from T-Online
(German ISP provider) IP pool. I use this ISP when I'm at home
and it's a bit inconvinient since no one could know which address
should be assigned to it and whether it is in a RBL spam database
:). I know It's my error when posting from such IP so excuse me
again :) 

Now on the question. I've sent a mail to this list one day ago
concerning the SSL support integrated in nnrpd with one remark
on the source code but I've received no response to it. To be
honest I've received one which contains a that some of the
errors was happening with other peoples but not for the error
issued from the OpenSSL function used to load the certificate
file. It looks that this function is not able to open it due
to permission problems and returns error which is then an
circumstance for nnrpd to exit as well with error.
I'm using OpenSSL version 0.9.7b. and if one find this issue
interesting look at the article which I've posted yesterday. 

Finally I would like to ask if someone has successfuly started
nnrpd with SSL support using version 2.4.0 of Inn and how he
did it e.g. version of OpenSSL, file permissions, nnrpd UID and
etc. I know stunnel could do the same but I would like to try
what nnrpd offers. 

10x in advance :)
Boryan Yotov 

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