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Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Aug 6 00:37:36 UTC 2003

Boryan Yotov <yotov at> writes:

> Now on the question. I've sent a mail to this list one day ago
> concerning the SSL support integrated in nnrpd with one remark on the
> source code but I've received no response to it. To be honest I've
> received one which contains a that some of the errors was happening with
> other peoples but not for the error issued from the OpenSSL function
> used to load the certificate file. It looks that this function is not
> able to open it due to permission problems and returns error which is
> then an circumstance for nnrpd to exit as well with error.  I'm using
> OpenSSL version 0.9.7b. and if one find this issue interesting look at
> the article which I've posted yesterday.

> Finally I would like to ask if someone has successfuly started nnrpd
> with SSL support using version 2.4.0 of Inn and how he did it
> e.g. version of OpenSSL, file permissions, nnrpd UID and etc. I know
> stunnel could do the same but I would like to try what nnrpd offers.

It's on my list to look at all the SSL stuff (I have several messages on
it, including yours), but I haven't found the time to look at things
lately.  I'm sorry about that; it's definitely queued.

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