can't store article & no matching entry in storage.conf

Bruce Pennypacker bpennypacker at
Thu Aug 14 13:24:32 UTC 2003

I've been trying to get INN 2.4.0 running on a RedHat 9 server for a while
and I'm running into some rather aggrivating problems.  The server is
throttling on a regular basis with both "436 cant store article" errors on
the client side and " SERVER throttle no matching entry in storage.conf"
errors in news.notice.  From what I've read in various FAQ's, etc. it seems
that the storage.conf error means that a storage method couldn't be found
for the appropriate newsgroup.  I'm trying to use cnfs for storing most of
my groups and so my storage.conf was, at first, just the following:

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 1
        options: BIGAREA

BIGAREA is defined as a metacycbuff containing  20 500mb cycbuffs, and
according to my syslog they were initialized properly.  Everything worked
for a while and I could see articles coming in on my feed & getting stored.
However every once in a while the server would throttle with the above
errors.  I've gone so far as to try the following in my storage.conf just to
see if it would change the behavior:

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: *
        class: 1
        options: BIGAREA
method timehash {
        class: 2
        newsgroups: *

But I still get the "no matching entry" errors after the server has been
running for 10 minutes or so...  There's plenty of available diskspace so I
know that that's not a problem.  All the partitions on this system are over
50% free.

I've been poking around in the sources a bit and running a debug version of
innd.  From what I've been able to determine it looks like a call to
SMstore() in ARTstore() is failing with SMERR_NOMATCH.  This is the first
time I've ever looked at the innd sources so I may be way off base here but
it looks like SMstore is calling into the storage API, which in my case
should be the cnfs API, correct?  Any suggestions as to where I should start
poking around next to try to figure out what's going on here?



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