no buffer space available

Andrew Clark andrew.clark at
Sun Aug 17 16:52:29 UTC 2003

My FreeBSD 4.7 INN 2.4.0 news server merrily chugs along for a couple weeks 
before it decides to stop accepting NNTP connections.  The rest of the
processes on the box seem to work fine, and the only useful log message I can
find is this one in my nntpsend.log:

ctlinnd: cannot send "flush" command (sendto failure): No buffer space

Any ctlinnd command I try to send fails with this same message.
I don't have any full filesystems, I have a reasonable amount of free memory,
not out of mbufs, etc.  I'm using ovdb and storing the bulk of my articles in
CNFS buffers.

I'm supposing the control channel of innd is out of buffer space, but I can't
find how to extend that buffer or look at its status.
Anybody out there run into this one before, and/or know how to fix it?

Andrew Clark
Campus Network Programmer
University of California, Santa Barbara
andrew.clark at (805) 893-5311

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