innxmit not working?

Daniel Henninger daniel at
Wed Aug 27 02:54:12 UTC 2003


I'm afraid I'm highly confused as to what is going on with our 2.4.0 INN
install (running under Solaris 8).  innxmit does not appear to be working
in the least:

nntpsend: [10720:10790] begin redhat Tue Aug 26 03:10:09 EDT 2003
nntpsend: [10720:10790] innxmit ...
innxmit: cannot connect to Error 0
nntpsend: [10720:10790] end redhat Tue Aug 26 03:10:09 EDT 2003

This occurs for every peer we feed.  In an attempt to see what was going
on, I performed a tcpdump to listen for network traffic to their host and
nothing every left our news server.  innxmit seemed to "simply exit
immediately", for lack of a better term.  I don't see any other messages
regarding this issue, but I can't imagine what I might have set up wrong.
I've gone over our configs quite a few times.  Any ideas?  =/  Thanks!


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