Changing default from address?

Daniel Henninger daniel at
Tue Dec 9 04:20:15 UTC 2003

> > Some of my users are complaining that, in the older install of our news
> > server, that their address as it shows up in posts came out to be only
> > the domain (for example: whereas nowadays it shows up as
> > the full hostname (eg:  I don't see anything in
> > the config to tell innd to for the email domain to be
> > Am I just missing something?  (for example, my address should be
> > daniel at, not daniel at
> INN itself doesn't provide the From header; this is something that's done
> by the client.  If the client uses INN's inews and relies on it to
> generate the From header, it may be out of luck, but there are other inews
> programs out there that have support for various ways of configuring the
> domain name.  And most news clients that I know of these days have ways of
> configuring this in the client.

Ok, that's actually what I assumed but wanted to make sure.  I wonder why
my users just suddenly started seeing it.  Maybe we updated clients around
the same time or something.  Who knows.  =)  Thanks much!


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