problem with mail2news gateway

Erik Klavon erik at
Wed Dec 10 19:11:00 UTC 2003

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 10:49:32AM +0200, Mart Meier wrote:
> For some reason some e-mail messages are rejected with the following error
> message:
> inews failed: Can't send article to the server: 	441 435 Duplicate (Article
> not posted.)
> I would be thankful if someone could tell where to start looking for the
> problem?

Is your gateway bidirectional between the newsgroup and a mailing
list? We often see that error message with such a setup. What normally
happens is the following:

A message is posted to the newsgroup. It is then forwarded to the
mailing list. The email address that gateways the mailing list to the
newsgroup gets a copy of the just forwarded message, and tries to post
it. This fails, since a copy of the message already exists (as Russ
pointed out, it has the same id) and you get the above error
message. In this setup, you can safely ignore the message.

This setup can also produce duplicates of messages sent to the mailing
list via email (they are posted to the newsgroup and then gatewayed
back to the mailing list).

Fixing this is on my to do list.


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