problem with mail2news gateway

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Dec 10 08:53:57 UTC 2003

Mart Meier <mart.meier at> writes:

> For some reason some e-mail messages are rejected with the following error
> message:

> inews failed: Can't send article to the server: 	441 435 Duplicate (Article
> not posted.)

> I would be thankful if someone could tell where to start looking for the
> problem?

Some other message with the same message ID has already been posted.
There are a few possible explanations.  The most likely is that you have
multiple gateways, and the message was sent to more than one at once; I
think there is some code to deal with that, but I don't know exactly how
it works.  Another possibility, if you're gating a common mailing list, is
that someone else is also gating the same mailing list into a different
newsgroup that your server is also seeing articles from.

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