Removing article from several newsgroups

Daniel Marsh jaleco at
Fri Dec 12 14:31:47 UTC 2003

In the creation of a e-mail->news->e-mail "gateway" spam became a huge
problem and articles were often cross posted. Sending a message with
the header Control: cancel <message-id> would remove the post from all
newsgroups it was cross posted to as it cancels that message-id.

Only problem is, a *quicker* way to do this would be nice... I guess
I'll have to hack the GNUS source so that you can cancel articles that
aren't yours.


Kathryn Hemness <kfhemness at> writes:

> Good Morning --
> I am fairly new at usenet administration and have never had to deal
> with removing an article crossposted to several newsgroups.
> Is there a way that I can remove this article from all of the
> newsgroups and be rid of it completely or has it already been
> propagated to the extent that it requires removal by the actual
> newsgroup moderators/maintainers?
> The offending article is a chain-letter/pyramid scam which many
> of you have probably already seen.
> --Kathy

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