Articles stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming

Nigel Telles ntelles at
Thu Dec 18 20:11:41 UTC 2003

	Server has been running fine until we had power cut.
	Powered server back on, no errors I was aware of until people
had mentioned posting articles to several groups ( No errors where
received from mail Client - Outlook  	Express when - posted but they
did not appear in the News groups.

	have a test newsgroup that I can post articles to and they do
appear fine - strange ? 

	on checking the news spool for these articles none were found.
	on Further investigation I happen to notice that these articles
are stuck in /var/spool/news/incoming. On checking some of these they
are the missing ones.

	My question is as to why they are stuck here and what do I need
to do get them to move to there appropriate spooled articled folders

	I have checked the inn-workers newsgroup but not seen a problem
mentioned like this, so hope someone can help 

	I am guessing possible corruption of History or Overview. But I
hoping solution maybe simpler. 
	News Server info : 

	News Server Version:  INN 2.3.4
	Storage Method:         tradspool 
	Ovmethod:                  tradsindexed 

	Thanks in Advance 


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