makehistory: dbzstore duplicate message-id: what's the consenquences?

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Dec 29 03:56:15 UTC 2003

Guich <listas at> writes:

> I got hundreds of warnings like the one in the title.

> Reading this:
>, i found
> that its probably related to cross-post problems.

Actually, it's almost always (in my experience) the result of an unclean
shutdown during expire.  If a partial history.n file is left behind, it
gets appended to by the next expire run and then it will end up with a ton
of duplicate entries.

> My question is: is this harmful? What's the consenquences? Will messages
> me ignored?

If it's just a case of the above, it's completely harmless and the next
expire run will clean up the problem.

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