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MC mc at hack.org
Mon Dec 29 09:26:15 UTC 2003

Jayanta Debnath <pro_jayant at yahoo.com> writes:

> we have a inn news server running on linux machine in
> our institute. we want to make a web interface for
> this. can anyone please suggest where and how to start
> with. 

You might be interested in NewsPortal or WebNews:

  NewsPortal is a PHP script enables the access to a newsserver (by
  NNTP) from a webpage. It allows you to combine web-forums and
  newsgroups. The script is also suitable for presentation of announce
  newsgroups on web pages, without having the user notice that he is
  in fact accessing a news server.


  WebNews is a CGI-based NNTP newsreader written in Perl, designed for
  ease of use (minimal configuration required) and multiple concurrent
  user accesses.


I'm using WebNews on two News servers myself. I've changed it to
include a CSS file, to use accesskey elements and to have rudimentary
thread support.

MC, http://hack.org/mc/

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