Owen Jacobson ojacobson.innd at
Sat Feb 1 22:54:00 UTC 2003


(In case of double-posting: apologies.  I'm experimenting with my mail
server at this time, so there could be some strangeness.  I'll try to keep
it contained.)

I'm trying to set up a news server with a public tree but otherwise private,
using /etc/shadow for authentication.  The public tree works, but I cannot
get access to the other groups on the system even by providing a valid
username and password.

auth "ue-staff" {
 hosts: *
 auth: "ckpasswd -s"
 default: "<ue-staff>"

auth "world" {
 hosts: *
 default: "<world>"

access "ue-groups" {
 users: "<ue-staff>@*"
 newsgroups: "ue.*"
 access: "RP"

access "all" {
 users: "*"
 newsgroups: "*"
 access: "RP"

Relevant files:
-r-sr-sr-x    1 root     root         7186 Jul 23  2002 ckpasswd
-r--------    1 root     root          937 Feb  1 11:18 shadow

What am I doing wrong?


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