Owen Jacobson ojacobson.innd at
Sat Feb 1 23:41:48 UTC 2003


The change you suggested has simply made the 'private' groups
publicly-visible.  readers.conf now looks like:

auth "ue-staff" {
hosts: *
auth: "ckpasswd -s"
default: "<ue-staff>"

auth "world" {
hosts: *
default: "<world>"

access "pub" {
users: "*"
newsgroups: "*"
access: "RP"

access "ue-groups" {
users: "<ue-staff>"
newsgroups: "ue.*"
access: "RP"

And all groups, including groups outside of, are visible without
authentication.  This is not an optimal solution.  I've also tried
commenting out auth "world" completely and reversing the order of auth
"ue-staff" and auth "world", neither of which accomplished anything useful
(all of them lead to all groups visible).


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