wildmat (non)-optimization

greg andruk gja at meowing.net
Wed Feb 5 20:10:53 UTC 2003

Just some anecdotal junk about wildmat() -- the old flavor, but it looks 
like uwildmat works about the same way.

I use a version of this function modified to work with C++ STL strings, 
and was never happy with how slow it seemed to be when looping through 
star patterns.  I tried yanking out the recursion and doing things the 
ugly way, and this brought speeds up to the level of the original C version.

Getting greedy, I decided to try the same change on the C version.  It 
made virtually no difference at all, and in fact tended to make star 
loops a tiny bit slower.  So, it's best left alone unless paranoia about 
the stack sets in =)

Test data was just some large active files, looking for expensive 
examples like *m.  Compilers tried were gcc/g++ (on FreeBSD, Lunix, 
MinGW& Cygwin), Borland C and VC7.  Relative results were consistent 
across the board.

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