GPG with INN

Ana anuska at
Fri Feb 7 21:59:23 UTC 2003


 I have INN 2.3.4 installed in Linux and want to use controlchan and verify
the messages with GnuPG. In /usr/local/bin/ there is an archive called
pgpverify and other called gpgverify. Have I to have the two files?? only
gpgverify? In inn.conf I put pgpverify=true but if I use GnuPGP... what
happen now?

When I installed INN, I didn´t have GnuPG nor PGP installed and then I
installed GnuPg and I wrote in innshellvars the paths to gpgv, is this

I would like someone explains me how to do.

Thanks in advance.

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