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Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Wed Feb 5 23:46:02 UTC 2003

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Broadbus-INN wrote:

> I thought that the serer that I receive the feed from creates the groups
> for me?

Nope.  Depending on how you configure control.ctl, your server will 
automatically create *new* groups (because the upstream server will send 
you "control messages"), but other than that you have to use the methods I 
described earlier.

> I assume the actsyncd is a daemon that runs which automatically
> checkes the feed server for new groups?


Virtually every INN binary and configuration file has a manpage; you could 
have answered that question by reading the actsync/actsyncd manpage.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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