[ssundell at pp.htv.fi: Bug#179898: inn2: Problems with history and overview creation]

Sami Sundell ssundell at pp.htv.fi
Mon Feb 10 11:49:38 UTC 2003

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 07:04:46PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:

> > makehistory: no Message-ID header in @030042554646310000000000013000000001@
>     sm @030042554646310000000000013000000001@ | grep -i message-id

Well, makehistory "of course" deletes the messages, but when I
interrupted the process and did just that, sm showed the articles just
fine. So...

> explain this.  Otherwise, it sounds like there's some problem with
> makehistory parsing the message headers.

This seems to be the problem. The daily maintenance gives me a report
which mistakes the Message-ID with Path header, or something:

Sites sending bad articles:
Server                   Total  Group  Dist Duplic Unapp TooOld Site Line Other
<3e049b20$1 at news.dnaint      1      0     0      0     0      0    0    0     1

> I've not seen this before.  Something sounds really severely broken
> about your INN installation.

I agree 8)

> Is there any chance that you have something weird like shared
> libraries from the previous version of INN in combination with
> binaries from a later version of INN?  This sounds like the sort of

That's of course possible, I'll look into it. The INN is from Debian
Linux packages and I haven't noticed any errors while installing, but
obviously this doesn't happen to everyone, so there must be something
wrong with my installation.

 Sami Sundell
 sami.sundell at iki.fi

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