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Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Feb 16 02:15:30 UTC 2003

Artur Iwaniuk <A.Iwaniuk at> writes:

> so, it works in this way..... hmmm but what about expire.lastlowmark ?? 
> does this file have something to do with case ?? or its role is nothing
> more than "logging" purpose ? 

expireover generates that file and the active file is then reset to use
that low mark.  expireover generates it from the low mark of overview
records for each group.

> morover, articles, i think, cannot be removed from history file, because
> they are still in spool dir. why expire could remove enties from history
> file without removing those articles from spool ?

Are you rebuilding the history database as well as overview with
makehistory?  Maybe it's leaving articles out for some reason?

> could anyone tell me how to check if the "article" is present 
> in history file ?

Run grephistory on its message ID.

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