Failing newsfeeds piped to programs

Christopher P. Lindsey at
Wed Feb 19 06:32:21 UTC 2003

My apologies if this is a duplicate for anyone.  I mailed it a couple of
days ago and the system logs show that it was accepted by, but
I haven't seen it show up yet.

I'm trying to re-implement filter that extracts URLs out of newsgroup
articles.  I had a working newsfeeds entry in 1998 [1], but now that
I'm trying it again I don't have any luck.


   newsclip:*:Tp:/usr/bin/procmail -m /usr/services/news/etc/

doesn't pass anything to procmail; the recipes just get empty, zero-length
messages.  Similarly, trying other things like

   newsclip:*:Tp:/bin/cat - > /tmp/output

just creates zero-length files.

I'm running inn 2.3.4.  Has anything changed in recent versions that
would stop this from working?  What am I missing?




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