Failing newsfeeds piped to programs

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Wed Feb 19 07:05:10 UTC 2003

Christopher P Lindsey < at> writes:

> My apologies if this is a duplicate for anyone.  I mailed it a couple of
> days ago and the system logs show that it was accepted by,
> but I haven't seen it show up yet.

I didn't see it.

> I'm trying to re-implement filter that extracts URLs out of newsgroup
> articles.  I had a working newsfeeds entry in 1998 [1], but now that I'm
> trying it again I don't have any luck.

> Doing

>    newsclip:*:Tp:/usr/bin/procmail -m /usr/services/news/etc/

> doesn't pass anything to procmail; the recipes just get empty, zero-length
> messages.  Similarly, trying other things like

>    newsclip:*:Tp:/bin/cat - > /tmp/output
>    newsclip:*:Tp:/usr/local/bin/archive

> just creates zero-length files.

> I'm running inn 2.3.4.  Has anything changed in recent versions that
> would stop this from working?

Yes, since 2.3.

     A program feed (Tp) spawns a given program for every article that the
     site receives.  The paramter field must be the command line to
     execute, and should contain one instance of %s, which will be
     replaced by the storage API token of the article (the actual article
     can be retrieved by the program using sm(8)).  The program will not
     receive anything on standard input (unlike earlier versions of INN,
     where the article is sent to the program on stdin), and standard
     output and error from the program will be set to the error log

> What am I missing?

You'll need to wrap a script around your programs that runs sm on the
token that is passed on the command line and pipes the results into the

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