2.3.5 w/db 4.1.25 (now 4.0.14)

Ron Jarrell jarrell at solaris.cc.vt.edu
Thu Feb 20 12:41:18 UTC 2003

Ok, to summarize, going from a 2.3.3 install, with 3.3.11 to a 
20030213-current with 4.0.14.

That -current compiles and runs fine as an initial system, with 
4.0.14.  Compiles cleanly with 4.1.25+patch1, but does not run.

ovdb_init -u cannot upgrade the db, despite what the man page 
says.  Complains that I'm trying to use 4.0.14 code on a 3.3.11 db. 
(Well... duh.)

ovdb_init does successfully make an empty db.

makehistory in that -current is broken.  It cannot find the message-id in a 
single article written into the cycbuffs by the previous system.  Even 
without the -b option.  It ends up creating an empty history file.  sm can 
still read the articles if I use the token from the old history 
file.  Nothing wrong with the messageid, I even hexdumped it, no trailing 
blanks, nothing funky.

So, -current appears to be a usable *new* system, but does *not* allow you 
to migrate an old system, at least not one with cycbuffs and/or ovdb.

Now I have to take a break from being a useful member of society and 
dissasemble my cube, so I can sit on the floor and work for a week while 
they use my, and my coworkers parts, to build us new cubes across the 
building...  Once I can sit somewhere and type again, I'll see if I can get 
-stable and 4.0 to work and migrate.

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