[INN 2.4.0] Problem reload config in throttle or paused mode

Frank Kloeker inn-ml at noc.arcor-online.net
Wed Nov 12 23:02:02 UTC 2003


after update from 2.3.3 to 2.4.0 the following command lines doesn't
work anymore:

$ ctlinnd pause server
[doing somethings like move logs, drink coffee or others]
$ ctlinnd reload all konfigs
$ ctlinnd go server

$ ctlinnd mode
Server throttled Invalid argument writing history remember file --
Allowing remote connections
Parameters c 60 i 200 (2) l 1000000 o 4987 t 300 H 2 T 60 X 0 normal
Not reserved
Readers follow disabled Invalid argument writing history remember file
-- throttling
Perl filtering enabled

Or another error:
Server throttled Permission denied writing history write file --

After restart with 'rc.news stop|start' it works okay but I don't know
is it a bug or a feature? The same error is received in INN 2.4.1
(20031112 prerelease) but not in 2.3.3. FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE is running.


 Frank Kloeker / Abt. Dienste- und Anwendungsmanagement (TBD)
 Arcor AG / Sulzbach / http://www.arcor.de/

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