news user or also group

g.lams at g.lams at
Thu Nov 13 15:04:48 UTC 2003

Hi all,
I'm developping several perl cgis allowing a few users to create/remove 
newsgroups, users, ...
The following commands need to be run by the "news" user or can also be 
run by a member of the "news" group (I'm thinking about putting the apache 
user in the "news" group so that I don't have to setuid ctlinnd)?
/usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd pause "modification of active file"
/usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd rmgroup/newgroup name_of_the_newsgroup
/usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd reload active "reload active file"
/usr/local/news/bin/ctlinnd go "modification of active file"



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