Jaleco jaleco at westlink.net.au
Sun Nov 16 04:08:53 UTC 2003

I'm implementing a nice mail to news to mail gateway for the company I
work with so it's easier for the general use of highly active e-mail
addresses that aren't personal (ie. support e-mail, postmaster,
hostmaster etc...). The main purpose is to easily be able to track who's
replied to what e-mails, and what has been said. This has been a problem
when replying to e-mail and you have multiple people replying and task
tracking systems like RT are simply too much (we needed something simple).

A brief outline on what I'm doing:
When you send an e-mail to a specified address with a mail forward set
to '| /path/to/mail-news.pl' which will then frob the e-mail and post it
to a specified news server.

When we see a new post in our news client we reply, the message is
posted to the news server and there is a newsfeeds entry:
        :/path/to/news-mail.pl %s > /dev/null

Which then frobs the news article so it can be sent back to the
originator (client) and then sends it off with the assistance of sendmail.

Now, all of this works without a problem (except when posting a news
article which isn't a reply to anything, requires a little more
debugging here), without using SSL you can have someone send an e-mail
to foo at bar.com which has a mail forward set to '| /path/to/mail-news.pl'
and the e-mail comes into the news server without problem. You can then
reply and it works fine, the message goes through the mail server and to
the original sender.

As soon as you use an SSL connection and reply to an article it times
out. I have tried using Pan (with the help with Stunnel) and Mozilla
(both through the Stunnel and natively). In Pan after the timeout and
you cancel the task you can then receive the article and the article was
also e-mailed out.

I can see that the newsfeed mailer is not being executed until after the
timeout (or simply the command itself isn't being executed until the
connection is closed).

Replying to normal posts initiated by a news reader causes no problems,
which leads me to think it's something in my code.

I don't know where to start looking, because everything works without a
hitch when not using SSL.

I'm using inn-2.4.0 and openssl-0.9.6b

Any ideas at all?


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