Begginer questions: please be patient!

Guich listas at
Tue Nov 18 14:39:37 UTC 2003


I'm setting up a new linux server, which will host some newsgroups, mainly
pilot.programmer.* newsgroups (for Palm OS development).

Currently i'm using CNews, but this one lacks some features that i need. I
would like to know if INN can handle these for me:

1. Prohibit attachments: messages with attachments would be deleted or the
attachment would be simply stripped.

2. Immediate delivering: no delays between send and receive (CNews takes 5

3. Can read MBox files (this would be great, bc i only have the old
newsgroup files in mbox format.

4. Are there any ways to collect how many requests are made daily? Or how
many people... some stats would be great.

5. Can it interface clearly with google news front-end?

Regarding item 3, if INN cannot read from mbox, how can i make the news
server recognize those messages? pilot.programmer.* has about 80000 messages
in all news, and i can't loose them.

Best Regards,

         Guilherme C. Hazan (guich)
         SuperWaba Lead Developer
         "I program therefore I am"

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