Begginer questions: please be patient!

Guich listas at
Tue Nov 18 16:23:29 UTC 2003

Hi Jeffrey,

Many thanks for you answer.

> > 1. Prohibit attachments: messages with attachments would be deleted or
> > attachment would be simply stripped.
> Prohibition is easy with something like Cleanfeed, or even better with a
> posting filter, but people certainly do this sort of thing.  Modification
> of news articles is generally consdired a bad idea, so INN doesn't have
> support for that.

Bad idea is newbies attach 1MB of bmp files for screenshots. Most mail lists
stripts out attachments, so, there's no real reason to INN don't do that

> > 3. Can read MBox files (this would be great, bc i only have the old
> > newsgroup files in mbox format.
> INN doesn't, although with a little scripting you could probably make
> those into rnews batch format.

Where can i find such thing? This is a crucial thing for me.

> The much easier solution is to leave the old news server running and
> transfer the messages with something like "pullnews" (in the INN
> distribution).  You want to do something like this:

It would be great, but the old news is down for 3 weeks! That's why i'm
trying to host it again. Can you imagine what is 3 weeks of absense in a
community with more than 100 messages per day?

> > 5. Can it interface clearly with google news front-end?
> I don't understand this question.

Some people read the news from google html based nntp, but the old server
got some problems to interface with it, so messages was not posted
correctly. I don't know if this was a google or the old IIS problem.

best regards


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