inn2 - cant store article: File exists / rebuild databases

Marcus Schopen lists at
Tue Sep 9 19:32:21 UTC 2003

Russ Allbery wrote:

> Marcus Schopen <lists at> writes:
>>after a blackout of my privat linux box inn2 shows the following entries
>>in its log, if posting a message:
>>   innd: SERVER cant store article: File exists
> Note that if you're running INN 2.4 with tradindexed overview and
> tradspool storage (you almost certainly have tradspool storage if you're
> getting this message), check your logs to see what groups are having this
> problem and then run tdx-util -R for those groups (see the tdx-util man
> page) followed by a ctlinnd renumber.  That will rebuild the overview
> selectively for those groups and keep you from having to do a complete
> rebuild.
> A complete rebuild will of course also solve the problem.

I'm running INN2 2.3.2.


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