a set of allowed characters in INN's newsgroups

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at surnet.ru
Wed Sep 24 10:43:45 UTC 2003

> > There is a set of symbols i cannot use in newsgroups' names.
> INN internally shouldn't care too much about what characters you use in
> newsgroup names.  However, the Usenet standards pretty much limit the
> character set to alphanumerics plus [.+-] (not including the brackets).
> Underscore is technically not allowed, but isn't uncommon.
> Be careful with some of the other characters, since they're shell
> metacharacters and may do odd things if not properly quoted.

That's it! For example, innfeed won't work correctly with incorrect
newsfeeds file, where   ,   and    \   appear in newsgroups' names.
The comma is not shell metacharacter, though. To be frank, i've got
a problem with special characters. One of my newsservers uses
large newsfeeds file, where each subscribed newsgroup is put into
this file for each outgoing feed.

Well, i think it's better to obey Usenet standarts.
I have removed some newsgroups from newsfeeds and now everything is ok.

> > How can i check my active and newsfeeds files to be sure that each one
> > is correct and free of unwanted symbols?
> grep?

Yep, stupid question.

Pavel V. Knyazev

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