Access control lists for INN

Michael Widerkrantz mc at
Mon Apr 12 10:47:42 UTC 2004

I have added access control lists for newsgroups in INN. It depends on
my own user handling using Berkeley DB 4. I also wrote a Perl module,
News::INNAdmin and a CGI script, NAF, to make it easier to handle.

You can hand off responsibility ALCs for separate newsgroups to
special users, so you won't have to change all access rights yourself.

ACLs are turned on with 

  nnrpdacl: true

in inn.conf.

Also included is From rewriting based on authentication, turned on by

  nnrpdauthfrom: true

inspired by nnrpdauthsender.

NOTE WELL that all this is in active development and that the
installation requires quite some manual setup.

I'm running it in production on two sites, though, but a few things
are still flaky. Get in touch if you want to report any hazzles.

INN according to MC:

The same thing as a patch against INN 2.4.1:

The News Administrator's Friend CGI and the News::INNAdmin Perl


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