Roxik roxik at
Wed Apr 14 06:51:16 UTC 2004


>Please note that that's a substantial amount of mail.
Ahhh... I see.. Thanx.

>>  All seems to be OK, but... I see in spool catalog articles from 2003
>>  year (??)....  Now we have april. 90 days is 3 month (+/-). So why
>>  these articles does not expires??  Is any way to remove *obsolete*
>>  articles ?

>tradspool currently has a problem where if a newsgroup is rmgrouped, it
>doesn't clean up the old messages.  Could that be what you're seeing?

Not quite. If controll message comes, then oneself she executes, but Spool
it does not it become deleted. It here however I asked.

Group are exist, and articles comes still. Cron executed dayly task to
expireover, lowmark....
I it should not see in my spool any articles with year 2003. Expire
constains only 90-92 days, and from this year articles  Articles from 2004
year expire correctly. But.. how I can remove obsolete articles from Jul
2003 to Dec 2003 ??? The Alt.* tree constains a lot of spam and I want to
remove it.

I greet

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