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Tue Apr 13 17:54:58 UTC 2004

Roxik <roxik at> writes:

>  #1:
>  I want to known about any control message (newgroup, rmgroup) in all usenet
>  tree.
>  Old INN (2.3) send me email with every new control.
>  I had these settings in control.ctl:

>  all:*:*:mail
>  checkgroups:*:*:mail
>  newgroup:*:*:mail
>  rmgroup:*:*:mail
>  and following already normal entry how in default control.ctl
>  This now does not it act unfortunately

The last matching entry in control.ctl applies, so putting this at the top
only catches control messages that don't match anything else.  You have to
actually change the action on all of the control message rules to either
be :mail or :doit=mail if you want to get mail about everything.

Please note that that's a substantial amount of mail.

>  All seems to be OK, but... I see in spool catalog articles from 2003
>  year (??)....  Now we have april. 90 days is 3 month (+/-). So why
>  these articles does not expires??  Is any way to remove *obsolete*
>  articles ?

tradspool currently has a problem where if a newsgroup is rmgrouped, it
doesn't clean up the old messages.  Could that be what you're seeing?

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