2.4.1 install

Wilson, Sue LCC Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil
Wed Apr 14 21:55:56 UTC 2004

 Okay this is what I did ... to rebuild the overview and history =

I stopped news completely.
I removed everything under ....news/spool/overview  so it was completely

I got everything from our old server that was under =
  all the news from our local groups.

I edited these directories to=20
1) eliminate ones with no news in them and=20
2) to change some of the names from the format ... usace.xxxx_zzzz  to
I also changed the active, expire.ctl to match

As the news user I ran=20

makehistory -b -f history.n -O -l 30000 -I=20
I checked for new overview buffers and they were there
cd /usr/local/news/db
awk 'NF =3D=3D 2 { print }' < history >> history.n
makedbz -s `wc -l < history` -f history.n
mv history.n history
mv history.n.dir history.dir
mv history.n.hash history.hash
mv history.n.index history.n.index
mv history.n.index history.index

I restarted innd using the script in init.d

I tried reading the news=20

NADA ....=20

so should I just grab another tar of the old server's spool/usace and
matching active file and expire.ctl entries=20
   expire.ctl did not like the format from the old server that I  =
the xxxx_zzz format

am I missing something ????=20

I see no errors ...=20

Sue Wilson
Portland, OR
503 808 4965

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Wilson, Sue LCC <Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil> writes:

> Are these groups required for all systemS in order for them to work=20
> properly??

> control                 Various control messages (no posting).
> control.cancel          Cancel messages (no posting).
> control.checkgroups     Hierarchy check control messages (no posting).
> control.newgroup        Newsgroup creation control messages (no =3D
> posting).
> control.rmgroup         Newsgroup removal control messages (no =

> The reinstalled system seems to think so.

You can get away with just control and control.cancel, but we recommend =
including all of the above.  You can use readers.conf to restrict access =
those groups so that they won't show up for readers.

> I can now post but not read ... I think I can fix that so will try.

Yeah, usually that's a readers.conf configuration problem.

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