Losing hard drive space in a hurry

Adam Clark adam at isurf.ca
Thu Apr 15 19:59:33 UTC 2004

Hi All,

After noticing a FAQ note about running makehistory every so often (suggested 
guideline in a perhaps old FAQ is every month?), and noticing that it 
appeared there were some articles not getting expired, I figured I'd run it.

I was running inn 2.4.0 at the time, and all groups are stored using 

After running 'makehistory -b -O -F -l 30000 -I', I started having tons of 
problems with innd and mismatched index inodes, and expire didn't clean them 
up.  I also wound up with nasty overview problems which only appeared to be 
resolved after finding the "ctlinnd renumber """ trick.

So I wound up upgrading to 2.4.1, and while the same makehistory command was 
able to find about 1.5mil articles, there's about 7.29mil files 
in /var/spool/news/articles - so something's not getting found and/or cleaned 

Does anyone have any ideas about why makehistory as run with the options 
listed above and/or expire wouldn't be cleaning the news spool up better, or 
finding all the articles that are sitting around?  Is there anything further 
I can or should be doing?

Thanks in advance,


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