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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Apr 27 13:25:27 UTC 2004

divya <divya at avnika.com> writes:

> (2) How do I change article storage without breaking article numbering
>  or having to re-initialize the server?

Just change storage.conf so that new articles will be stored in a
different format.  The old articles will still be there in the old format,
but new incoming messages will go into the current storage backend per

If you want to actually move articles from one storage format to another,
that's trickier, since that will change the storage API token for the
article and will therefore require changes to the overview and history

>  I have grown to dislike the storage of articles in tradspool formats.
>  This is because we would rather not expire intranet/private/local
>  groups or have an insanely long article retention policy (like 4
>  years).  Even for intranet groups, this means 40-100K articles. In
>  tradspool, this means 40-100K little files in a single directory which
>  I suspect is not conducive to performance.

>  So, what I'd like to be able to do is to take those newsgroups that are
>  stored in tradspool and move them into a CNFS container. I suspect that
>  it'd be helpful to some to go the reverse route as well.

I use timehash for this purpose rather than CNFS because timehash still
gives me one message per file, which lets me back up and restore the
messages a lot easier.

> (3) Is there a way to use MAIL as a transport for news replication/feeds?

>  Perhaps this is an esoteric question, but I have often wondered if
>  mail could be used as a transport for articles between servers. I know
>  that we have "imapfeed" so why not a "mailfeed".

No reason other than no one's written it.

> (7) Are CNFS buffers portable? Can I take CNFS buffer from my Linux
>  system and SCP it over to a Solaris SPARC system and expect them to be
>  usable? WHat are the limitations?

No.  CNFS buffers are specific to the endianness and alignment of the

> Thanks for reading this far. I'd like to see if we can discuss these 
> topics and perhaps update the FAQ with them.

I'm not sure these are very good FAQ questions apart from the question
about moving between storage backends (which is on my list of things to
add to the FAQ) and the question about how to filter out particular types
of content in posts; most of them are a bit esoteric.

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