2.4.1 delete can read and post to new groups but not old

Wilson, Sue LCC Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil
Thu Apr 29 17:01:28 UTC 2004

My new newserver can read and post to any new group I create but not the =
I have rerun the makehistory process many times but no luck
How to I make it see all the old news I brought over from the old =

Sue Wilson
Portland, OR
503 808 4965

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Wilson, Sue LCC <Sue.Wilson at lcc01.usace.army.mil> writes:

> the names of my news groups on the old system which=3D20
> inn-2.1 are in the format
> usace.dredging
> usace.eng.dam_replacement
> usace.nmm_users=3D20

> expire.ctl reports=3D20
> error at line 104 for example for any names with an underscore in it.

> Are underscores illegal characters at in the 2.4 versions

No, that should be fine.  Could you give those lines in expire.ctl and =
exact error message?

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