Change group when sucking

Adam Wysocki gophi at
Mon Dec 6 12:17:49 UTC 2004

06.12.04 jemf at napisa³:
> I need suck a group from another server. However, I need get 
> and storage in How 
> to make this?

Use filter. From man suck:

if the -y post_filter option is specified on  the  command
line in conjunction with any of the batch modes, then suck
will call the post filter specified, after downloading the
articles,  and  before batching/posting the articles.  The
filter is passed the  directory  where  the  articles  are
stored  (the -dm option).  The filter program is responsi­
ble for parsing the contents of the directory.   See  sam­
ple/  for a sample post filter.  This option
was designed to allow you to add your own host name to the
Path:  header,  but if you need to do anything else to the
messages, you can.

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