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Mon Dec 6 12:34:51 UTC 2004


Finally I could get articles from old server to new server. Thanks a lot. 

I could clear spool with below command. 
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/buffer bs=1k count=BUFFERSIZE
# chmod 664 /path/to/buffer 

And followed steps mentioned in below mail.

Praveen R 

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I don't know what all you have to do to clean your server spool
of old articles. If you used CNFS buffers, you can delete and re-create
them. Once you have cleaned out your new server, here is what I'd do to
populate all the articles from the old one into the new one (taken from
my notes):

On NEW Server:
   ctlinnd param c 0
This disables history on the server so it will NOT ignore old
   articles. We will need to restart the INN Server when done.

On OLD Server (
   cd /export/usr2/news/db
   perl -ne 'chomp; ($a,$b,$_) = split " "; print "$_\n" if $_'  history |
tr . / > /export/usr1/news/outgoing/list
   innxmit list
(There were 3589968 articles to be fed to from

After this is complete, restart the INND server to reset the
temporarily updated settings.


If you use CNFS only, I am not sure that artcutoff has much impact.
Someone please correct me if I am mistaken. Regardless, set artcutoff
to a large number to indicate how old of an article you want to keep.
A value of 600 would cover two year's worth of articles. Of course, if
your spool can only hold 2 months worth, this setting is worthless.

Good Luck.

Divya Sundaram

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I want to receive all the articles which are presently on my old news =
to new one. What should be "artcuttoff" value in inn.conf and remember:/
value in expire.ctl file.=20

Also how do I clear the current spool on the new server so that I can
receive fresh?

Praveen R
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13.11.04 praveen1 at napisa=B3:
> What is making it to filter the rest?

artcutoff in inn.conf.

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