INN CURRENT and inn STABLE issues

The Doctor doctor at
Sun Dec 19 13:01:43 UTC 2004

On Sat, Dec 18, 2004 at 08:18:52PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> (INN's headers should also be in the inn/ namespace, and we're working on
> that in CURRENT, but that's too invasive to backport to STABLE.)
> --=20
> Russ Allbery (rra at             <>
>     Please send questions to the list rather than mailing me directly.
>      <> explains why.

Speaking of CURRENT:

Script started on Sun Dec 19 05:57:03 2004$ catr=08 =08 ../config*4.1=
CC=3D/usr/bin/cc CFLAGS=3D"-g -O3 -Wall" ./configure --prefix=3D/var/news -=
-libexecdir=3D/var/news/libexec --datadir=3D/usr/share --sysconfdir=3D/var/=
news/etc --localstatedir=3D/var --infodir=3D/usr/share/info --mandir=3D/usr=
/share/man --with-db-dir=3D/var/news/etc --with-run-dir=3D/var/news/run --w=
ith-etc-dir=3D/var/news/etc --with-spool-dir=3D/var/news/spool --with-log-d=
ir=3D/var/log/news --with-news-user=3Dbin --with-news-group=3Dnews --with-l=
ow-memory --with-openssl=3D/usr/contrib --with-berkeleydb=3D/usr/contrib --=
with-sendmail=3D/usr/sbin/sendmail --enable-ipv6 --enable-largefiles  --wit=
hout-pam --without-kerberos --with-innd-port=3D119 --with-sasl=3D/usr/contr=
ib=0D$ ^cat^=0D
checking for gcc... /usr/bin/cc=0D
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out=0D
checking whether the C compiler works... yes=0D
checking whether we are cross compiling... no=0D
checking for suffix of executables... =0D
checking for suffix of object files... o=0D
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes=0D
checking whether /usr/bin/cc accepts -g... yes=0D
checking for /usr/bin/cc option to accept ANSI C... none needed=0D
checking how to run the C preprocessor... /usr/bin/cc -E=0D
checking for egrep... grep -E=0D
checking for AIX... no=0D
checking for library containing strerror... none required=0D
checking if /usr/bin/cc supports -c -o file.o... yes=0D
checking build system type... i386-pc-bsdi4.3.1=0D
checking host system type... i386-pc-bsdi4.3.1=0D
checking for perl... /usr/bin/perl=0D
checking for Perl version... 5.008006=0D
checking whether /usr/bin/cc needs -traditional... no=0D
checking for flex... flex=0D
checking for yywrap in -lfl... no=0D
checking for yywrap in -ll... yes=0D
checking lex output file root... lex.yy=0D
checking whether yytext is a pointer... yes=0D
checking whether ln -s works... yes=0D
checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... yes=0D
checking for ranlib... ranlib=0D
checking for bison... no=0D
checking for byacc... no=0D
checking for awk... /usr/bin/awk=0D
checking for egrep... /bin/egrep=0D
checking for sed... /usr/bin/sed=0D
checking for sort... /usr/bin/sort=0D
checking for compress... /usr/bin/compress=0D
checking for gzip... /usr/contrib/bin/gzip=0D
checking for sendmail... /usr/sbin/sendmail=0D
checking for gpgv... /usr/contrib/bin/gpgv=0D
checking for pgpv... no=0D
checking for pgp... no=0D
checking for pgpgpg... no=0D
checking for wget... /usr/contrib/bin/wget=0D
checking for library containing setproctitle... -lutil=0D
checking for library containing gethostbyname... none required=0D
checking for library containing socket... none required=0D
checking for library containing inet_aton... none required=0D
checking for library containing crypt... none required=0D
checking for library containing getspnam... no=0D
checking for library containing dbm_open... none required=0D
checking pam/pam_appl.h usability... no=0D
checking pam/pam_appl.h presence... no=0D
checking for pam/pam_appl.h... no=0D
checking security/pam_appl.h usability... no=0D
checking security/pam_appl.h presence... no=0D
checking for security/pam_appl.h... no=0D
checking if Berkeley DB is desired... yes=0D
checking for Berkeley DB location... /usr/contrib=0D
checking if zlib is desired... yes=0D
checking for zlib location... /usr=0D
checking for compress in -lz... yes=0D
checking if OpenSSL is desired... yes=0D
checking for OpenSSL location... /usr/contrib=0D
checking for RSAPublicEncrypt in -lrsaref... no=0D
checking for BIO_new in -lcrypto... yes=0D
checking for DSO_load in -ldl... yes=0D
checking for SSL_library_init in -lssl... yes=0D
checking if SASL is desired... yes=0D
checking for SASL location... /usr/contrib=0D
checking for sasl_getprop in -lsasl2... yes=0D
checking if Kerberos is desired... no=0D
checking for special C compiler options needed for large files... no=0D
checking for _FILE_OFFSET_BITS value needed for large files... no=0D
checking for _LARGE_FILES value needed for large files... no=0D
checking for ANSI C header files... yes=0D
checking for dirent.h that defines DIR... yes=0D
checking for library containing opendir... none required=0D
checking for stdbool.h that conforms to C99... no=0D
checking for _Bool... no=0D
checking whether time.h and sys/time.h may both be included... yes=0D
checking for sys/wait.h that is POSIX.1 compatible... yes=0D
checking crypt.h usability... no=0D
checking crypt.h presence... no=0D
checking for crypt.h... no=0D
checking inttypes.h usability... no=0D
checking inttypes.h presence... no=0D
checking for inttypes.h... no=0D
checking limits.h usability... yes=0D
checking limits.h presence... yes=0D
checking for limits.h... yes=0D
checking for pam/pam_appl.h... (cached) no=0D
checking stddef.h usability... yes=0D
checking stddef.h presence... yes=0D
checking for stddef.h... yes=0D
checking stdint.h usability... no=0D
checking stdint.h presence... no=0D
checking for stdint.h... no=0D
checking string.h usability... yes=0D
checking string.h presence... yes=0D
checking for string.h... yes=0D
checking sys/bitypes.h usability... yes=0D
checking sys/bitypes.h presence... yes=0D
checking for sys/bitypes.h... yes=0D
checking sys/filio.h usability... yes=0D
checking sys/filio.h presence... yes=0D
checking for sys/filio.h... yes=0D
checking sys/loadavg.h usability... no=0D
checking sys/loadavg.h presence... no=0D
checking for sys/loadavg.h... no=0D
checking sys/time.h usability... yes=0D
checking sys/time.h presence... yes=0D
checking for sys/time.h... yes=0D
checking unistd.h usability... yes=0D
checking unistd.h presence... yes=0D
checking for unistd.h... yes=0D
checking ndbm.h usability... yes=0D
checking ndbm.h presence... yes=0D
checking for ndbm.h... yes=0D
checking whether pread is declared... no=0D
checking whether pwrite is declared... no=0D
checking whether snprintf is declared... yes=0D
checking whether vsnprintf is declared... yes=0D
checking whether h_errno is declared... yes=0D
checking whether inet_aton is declared... yes=0D
checking whether inet_ntoa is declared... yes=0D
checking whether altzone is declared... no=0D
checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... no=0D
checking for an ANSI C-conforming const... yes=0D
checking for C99 variadic macros... yes=0D
checking for GNU-style variadic macros... yes=0D
checking for struct stat.st_blksize... no=0D
checking whether struct tm is in sys/time.h or time.h... time.h=0D
checking for struct tm.tm_zone... yes=0D
checking for struct tm.tm_gmtoff... no=0D
checking for struct sockaddr.sa_len... yes=0D
checking size of int... 4=0D
checking for int32_t... yes=0D
checking for uint32_t... no=0D
checking for off_t... yes=0D
checking for pid_t... yes=0D
checking return type of signal handlers... void=0D
checking for size_t... yes=0D
checking for uid_t in sys/types.h... yes=0D
checking for long long... yes=0D
checking for ptrdiff_t... yes=0D
checking for ssize_t... yes=0D
checking for sig_atomic_t... yes=0D
checking for socklen_t... yes=0D
checking for struct sockaddr_storage... yes=0D
checking for struct sockaddr_storage.ss_family... yes=0D
checking whether IN6_ARE_ADDR_EQUAL macro is broken... no=0D
checking value of IOV_MAX... 1024=0D
checking for SA_LEN macro... no=0D
checking for SUN_LEN macro... yes=0D
checking for working alloca.h... no=0D
checking for alloca... yes=0D
checking for working memcmp... yes=0D
checking for working inet_ntoa... yes=0D
checking for working snprintf... yes=0D
checking for atexit... yes=0D
checking for getloadavg... yes=0D
checking for getrusage... yes=0D
checking for getspnam... no=0D
checking for setbuffer... yes=0D
checking for sigaction... yes=0D
checking for setgroups... yes=0D
checking for setrlimit... yes=0D
checking for setsid... yes=0D
checking for socketpair... yes=0D
checking for strncasecmp... yes=0D
checking for strtoul... yes=0D
checking for sysconf... yes=0D
checking for getrlimit... yes=0D
checking for statvfs... no=0D
checking for statfs... yes=0D
checking sys/vfs.h usability... no=0D
checking sys/vfs.h presence... no=0D
checking for sys/vfs.h... no=0D
checking sys/param.h usability... yes=0D
checking sys/param.h presence... yes=0D
checking for sys/param.h... yes=0D
checking sys/mount.h usability... no=0D
checking sys/mount.h presence... yes=0D
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h: present but cannot be compiled=0D
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h:     check for missing prerequisite headers=
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h: see the Autoconf documentation=0D
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h:     section "Present But Cannot Be Compile=
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's result=
configure: WARNING: sys/mount.h: in the future, the compiler will take prec=
configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------ ##=0D
configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to the INN lists.  ##=0D
configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------ ##=0D
checking for sys/mount.h... yes=0D
checking for getaddrinfo... yes=0D
checking for getpagesize... yes=0D
checking for hstrerror... yes=0D
checking for inet_aton... yes=0D
checking for mkstemp... yes=0D
checking for pread... no=0D
checking for pwrite... no=0D
checking for seteuid... yes=0D
checking for strcasecmp... yes=0D
checking for strerror... yes=0D
checking for strlcat... yes=0D
checking for strlcpy... yes=0D
checking for strspn... yes=0D
checking for setenv... yes=0D
checking for symlink... yes=0D
checking for fseeko... no=0D
checking for ftello... no=0D
checking for working mmap... yes=0D
checking for madvise... yes=0D
checking whether mmap sees writes... yes=0D
checking whether msync is needed... no=0D
checking how many arguments msync takes... 3=0D
checking whether STREAMS fd passing is supported... no=0D
checking for Unix domain sockets... yes=0D
checking log facility for news... LOG_NEWS=0D
configure: creating ./config.status=0D
config.status: creating
config.status: creating include/paths.h=0D
config.status: creating scripts/inncheck=0D
config.status: creating scripts/innshellvars=0D
config.status: creating scripts/
config.status: creating scripts/innshellvars.tcl=0D
config.status: creating scripts/news.daily=0D
config.status: creating support/fixconfig=0D
config.status: creating support/fixscript=0D
config.status: creating include/config.h=0D
Please check the following files before running make, to ensure that=0D
everything was set correctly.=0D
=0D$ gmake=0D
cd include   && gmake all=0D
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/include'=0D
=2E./support/mksystem /usr/bin/awk config.h > inn/system.h=0D
=2E./support/mkversion '2.5.0' '20041219 prerelease' > inn/version.h=0D
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/include'=0D
cd lib       && gmake all=0D
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/lib'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c pread.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c pwrite.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c fseeko.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c ftello.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c buffer.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c cleanfrom.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c clientactive.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c clientlib.c=0D
clientlib.c: In function `getserverbyfile':=0D
clientlib.c:27: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c concat.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c conffile.c=0D
conffile.c: In function `getconfline':=0D
conffile.c:18: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c confparse.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c daemonize.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c date.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c dbz.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c defdist.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c dispatch.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c fdflags.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c fdlimit.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c genid.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c getfqdn.c=0D
getfqdn.c: In function `GetFQDN':=0D
getfqdn.c:57: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
getfqdn.c:84: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcat'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c getmodaddr.c=0D
getmodaddr.c: In function `GetModeratorAddress':=0D
getmodaddr.c:105: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c gettime.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c hash.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c hashtab.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c innconf.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c inndcomm.c=0D
inndcomm.c: In function `ICCopen':=0D
inndcomm.c:95: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
inndcomm.c:110: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcat'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c list.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c localopen.c=0D
localopen.c: In function `NNTPlocalopen':=0D
localopen.c:51: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
localopen.c:52: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcat'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c lockfile.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c makedir.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c md5.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c messages.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c mmap.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c network.c=0D
network.c: In function `network_bind_all':=0D
network.c:309: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c nntp.c=0D
Expect 6 shift/reduce conflicts=0D
yacc parsedate.y=0D
yacc: 6 shift/reduce conflicts.=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c parsedate.c=0D In function `yy_do_parse':=0D warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth v=
alue=0D warning: label `yyerrlab' defined but not used=0D warning: label `yynewerror' defined but not used=0D At top level:=0D
parsedate.c:2: warning: `yysccsid' defined but not used=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c qio.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c radix32.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c readin.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c remopen.c=0D
remopen.c: In function `NNTPremoteopen':=0D
remopen.c:90: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c reservedfd.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c resource.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c sendarticle.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c sendpass.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c sequence.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c sockaddr.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c timer.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c tst.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c uwildmat.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c vector.c=0D
vector.c: In function `vector_join':=0D
vector.c:381: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcpy'=0D
vector.c:383: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlcat'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c version.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c wire.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c xfopena.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c xmalloc.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c xsignal.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -c xwrite.c=0D
ar r libinn.a pread.o pwrite.o fseeko.o ftello.o  buffer.o cleanfrom.o clie=
ntactive.o clientlib.o concat.o conffile.o confparse.o daemonize.o date.o d=
bz.o defdist.o dispatch.o fdflags.o fdlimit.o genid.o getfqdn.o getmodaddr.=
o gettime.o hash.o hashtab.o innconf.o inndcomm.o list.o localopen.o lockfi=
le.o makedir.o md5.o messages.o mmap.o network.o nntp.o parsedate.o qio.o r=
adix32.o readin.o remopen.o reservedfd.o resource.o sendarticle.o sendpass.=
o sequence.o sockaddr.o timer.o tst.o uwildmat.o vector.o version.o wire.o =
xfopena.o xmalloc.o xsignal.o xwrite.o=0D
ranlib libinn.a=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include    -c perl.c=0D
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/lib'=0D
cd storage   && gmake library=0D
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/storage'=0D
=2E./support/fixscript -i
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/storage'=0D
gmake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/storage'=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o e=
xpire.o expire.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o i=
nterface.o interface.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o m=
ethods.o methods.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o o=
v.o ov.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o o=
verdata.o overdata.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o o=
vmethods.o ovmethods.c=0D
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o b=
uffindexed/buffindexed.o buffindexed/buffindexed.c=0D
buffindexed/buffindexed.c: In function `ovparse_part_line':=0D
buffindexed/buffindexed.c:346: warning: implicit declaration of function `s=
/usr/bin/cc -g -O3 -Wall -I../include  -I.  -I/usr/contrib/include  -c -o b=
uffindexed/shmem.o buffindexed/shmem.c=0D
buffindexed/shmem.c: In function `smcCreateSemaphore':=0D
buffindexed/shmem.c:62: incompatible type for argument 4 of `semctl'=0D
gmake[1]: *** [buffindexed/shmem.o] Error 1=0D
gmake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/source/inn-CURRENT-20041219/storage'=0D
gmake: *** [all-storage] Error 2=0D$ exit=0D

Script done on Sun Dec 19 05:57:52 2004

I used the same for STABLE and it worked.

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Merry Christmas 2004 and Happy New Year 2005

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