Strange memory leak

Andrew MacLennan apm at
Wed Dec 22 01:56:43 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 18:49, Russ Allbery wrote:
> What are you using for storage?  This sounds exactly like a problem that
> we had, and Sun support, after being mostly useless for a year, finally
> managed to figure out that their A1000 RAID drivers had a bug involving
> memory mapping that required an upgrade.  The upgraded version didn't
> support memory mapping of raw devices any more, so we had to reconfigure
> the server to use disk files instead.
> This is a kernel memory leak, right?  As in, the memory doesn't show up on
> top and none of the processes are consuming much in the way of memory, but
> the system slowly starts swapping more and more and eventually expire
> takes half of forever to finish and the system has to be rebooted?

Yep, that's it exactly, kernel memory leak that doesn't appear to be
allocated to anything and a reboot to fix it.  And yes, we're using
A1000 RAID devices for our storage, attaching to the raw disk slice for
CNFS spools.

So, do I take it the solution will be to mount the disks as part of the
regular file system and create files for the cyclical spool to store
articles?  Will this still require new A1000 drivers from SUN, and if so
do you know which version (as a minimum) fixes the problem?

Thanks for the help Russ, I'm very glad someone else has seen this

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