Strange memory leak

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Dec 22 02:23:35 UTC 2004

Andrew MacLennan <apm at> writes:

> Yep, that's it exactly, kernel memory leak that doesn't appear to be
> allocated to anything and a reboot to fix it.  And yes, we're using
> A1000 RAID devices for our storage, attaching to the raw disk slice for
> CNFS spools.

> So, do I take it the solution will be to mount the disks as part of the
> regular file system and create files for the cyclical spool to store
> articles?  Will this still require new A1000 drivers from SUN, and if so
> do you know which version (as a minimum) fixes the problem?

> Thanks for the help Russ, I'm very glad someone else has seen this
> before

The memory leak itself was fixed in... RAID Manager 6?  7?  Something like
that.  I don't remember the exact level.  I think we did both a software
and a firmware upgrade.  I seem to recall that it still would persist even
if you used disk files rather than raw devices; the reason for switching
to disk files even with the upgrade is that the upgraded version restricts
mmap of raw devices to root.

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