articles expires

Praveen Ramaswamy praveen1 at
Fri Dec 31 13:52:12 UTC 2004


Some articles are getting expired some are not. When checked article date is
same, what could be wrong? I am trying to move articles from old server to
new. I have done the following:

On NEW Server:
   ctlinnd param c 0
artcuttoff 1000
remember 1000

On OLD Server 

   cd /export/usr2/news/db
   perl -ne 'chomp; ($a,$b,$_) = split " "; print "$_\n" if $_'  history |
tr . / > /export/usr1/news/outgoing/list
   innxmit list

After this is complete, restart the INND server to reset the temporarily
updated settings

Praveen R

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