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Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Dec 31 18:04:39 UTC 2004

Praveen Ramaswamy <praveen1 at> writes:

> Some articles are getting expired some are not. When checked article
> date is same, what could be wrong? I am trying to move articles from old
> server to new. I have done the following:

Nothing about what you did should affect article expiration, but note that
expiration is based on the time the article arrived on the server, not the
posting date, by default.  If you want to expire based on the Date header
of the articles, you have to pass the -p flag to expireover (see the
news.daily man page to see how to do that).

Also note that in some cases crossposted articles will not be deleted
until they expire from every group to which they were posted.

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