innd stops responding

Gary Thandi Gary.Thandi at
Mon Jul 19 14:47:36 UTC 2004

Hi Heath and thanks for responding to my issue.

1. Does the patch address this specific issue?  I don't mind patching, just
would like to make sure I have the right one.
2. What are the repercussions of turning off readserver via ovdb.conf?
	a. Do we lose any functionality?
	b. Would we be bypassing something that we normally shouldn't be
	c. Does this mean that we've configured the product incorrectly, or
is it just a workaround?

Thank you.


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On Jul 19, 2004, at 8:50, Alex Kiernan wrote:

> On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 06:42:48 -0700, Gary Thandi <gary.thandi at> 
> wrote:
>> yes.  i've had to resort to stopping and starting all news processes 
>> every
>> 60 minutes.
> Try getting a snapshot - I know Heath's made some fixes to the ovdb
> code, but I've not tried those.

Either that, or you can get this patch:

> Certainly the behaviour you're seeing is typical for ovdb on Solaris;
> I'm not sure if anyone's addressed the way nnrpd does termination yet,
> but last time I looked it seemed like if you took a signal at the
> wrong moment, nnrpd would try and make calls into ovdb (and hence
> BerkeleyDB) in a re-entrant fashion, which isn't supported (not
> unreasonably) by BerkeleyDB.

Whoa!!!  I never knew about this.  OK, looks like the sigpipe handler
calls ExitWithStats.  Yuck!!  But how often does nnrpd exit in this way?

There's an easy workaround:  turn on readserver in ovdb.conf, and 
news.  With readserver on, the nnrpd doesn't access BerkeleyDB directly,
thus avoiding the signal handler problem.

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