Confusing logs

Bill Davidsen davidsen at
Mon Jul 19 19:30:04 UTC 2004

F. Senault wrote:

> Maybe this is a known problem, but :
> I was browsing my innreport statistics right now, and I was alarmed by
> the small number of articles accepted from my peers.
> After some investigation, I found something strange : it seems that
> innd doesn't correctly log the number of articles received from one of
> my peers, the most active, of course.
> This isn't a really big feed (around 12k-16k articles per day, no
> binaries).

There was a bug (or ill-documented feature) at one time which counted 
the accepts if the article was offered, but not if the feed went to 
streaming mode and just shoved a lot of articles in the socket.

I have no idea if that is still true, I haven't had a problem with it 
lately, so I just ignore it.

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