Moving an article

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Thu Mar 18 22:33:27 UTC 2004

Bill Davidsen wrote...

> I have a server on which I find occasionally that I have to save an 
> article, online, for longer than the expected time.

How do you identify such an article, do you think it can be done by some
algorithms or just after reading it and saying "This one is interesting"?

Do you want to keep them accessible via nntp?

If the latter answer is "no", archive could do everything for you.

> One possible approach is to mark it in the cycbuff in some way so that 
> it will be moved or skipped over instead of reusing the space. This is a 
> small number of articles, so overhead is not an issue, at least not at 
> the moment.

This would lead to fragmentation within a cycbuff. Not a good idea.

> Thoughts?

Very dirty trick: tradspool and chmod the articles in question to 444 so
expire cannot remove them.


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